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Collection: Hero Fancy Pants

Inspired by colleagues, friends and family, both past and present, performing everyday acts of heroism in the NHS, the caring professions and the emergency services. 

Whether you work directly caring for patients and the public or you're part of the huge unseen army that tirelessly makes the wheels go round, these are for you.

And for all the women who inspire us every day, juggling careers, family and a hundred more things, and still managing to get out there and run. We think you're all heroes too.

We are supporting the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt NHS Foundation Trust in Oswestry, a Specialist Orthopaedic Hospital that does amazing heroic work with patients and families from across the UK, including the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries and the impressive new Headley Court Veterans' Orthopaedic Centre.

10% of profits from the sale of these Hero Fancy Pants will be donated to the RJAH Action fund which supports staff, patients and their families. This fund has helped establish the RJAH Rockets! Running Group, including two Couch-to-5k programmes in the past six months and has funded the training of an in-house run leader.

Find out more about the RJAH charity here.