About Us

Running in Peace and Love Fancy Pants

A Little Bit of Background

Fanny Annie is a product of my rekindled passion for sewing and my enduring love of running.

I wanted to find running pants that made me smile and that felt great, quite a tricky combination apparently! As I re-learnt to sew, the idea developed from making a pair of funky running pants for a college project to thinking that there must be so many other women who, like me, are tired of wearing black or squeezing into a shape that's just doesn't work for them. Or, really annoyingly, having no phone pocket and baggy ankles!

Fanny Annie is based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. If you've ever been here, you'll have been struck by the sheer numbers of people out running, all ages, sizes and shapes, either alone or in groups from local running clubs. You really can't help but be inspired! I would love to see women running around town in Fanny Annie's fancy pants!!

Fanny Annie's Business Model

We are all about being as local and sustainable as we possibly can. 

That also means being transparent about how and why we do things and being open to new ways of working and suggestions from our customers and partners.

We aim to source our fabrics from UK suppliers if we can. It's sad but true that manufacturing of stretch technical fabrics is pretty thin on the ground in the UK, so some of the fabric comes from Italy for now, but the search continues.

To reduce waste, we are making small quantities of running pants - often one-offs - on a regular basis. I really wanted to make to order but unfortunately found this wasn't sustainable at the price. This means that firstly, you will rarely see somebody in the same running pants as you, yay! Also, your new running gear will arrive within few days of your order.

Our prices fairly reflect the cost of making good quality running wear locally. There's no hugely expensive advertising campaign costs included in the price of your running pants, and no fancy labelling or gimmicks.

We are either making our running gear here in Shrewsbury or collaborating with manufacturers across The Midlands.