Fanny Annie's Running Pants for Women

Hello and welcome, thanks for popping in!

We're so happy to offer you our Fancy Pants!

These colourful running pants are for women who love to run, jog,
walk or anything in between.

Our designs are come in a variety of funky patterns and different lengths; just use the contact page to let us know what you want if it's not listed.

Why a range of running pants for women?

I have been looking for the perfect running pants for as long as I can remember! Of course, perfect means different things to different people. My perfect running pants, leggings, tights, whatever you want to call them, have deep pockets on both sides so I can carry my phone and anything else I fancy, a nice high waistband, supportive fabric that keeps everything in place (you know what I mean!) and bright, colourful patterns.

What's different about Fanny Annie's Fancy Pants?

Fanny Annie's running pants have been designed to fit well around all your contours, be functional with great pockets and bright and funky designs. You will look fabulous and feel comfortable and supported whether you are doing your first couch-to-5k or running a marathon.

Our designs have been developed and run-tested in Shropshire and all of our running pants are made either in Shrewsbury or in The Midlands by a team of highly skilled and experienced craftspeople and our fabrics are made and printed in the UK where possible.

Our labelling and packaging is minimal and it's made and printed in the UK from recycled, recyclable and compostable materials.

We make our running gear in small batches - sometimes one-offs - and regularly update our pattern and colour choices. Making our Fancy Pants on this way is better for you, better for us, and better for the environment.

We will listen to you and do our best to make you happy runners.

I hope you're going to love my Fancy Pants!!

Fanny Annie xx