Collection: Running Leggings

These running pants are made to fit all your contours. They are lightweight, strong and very comfortable with perfect shape retention, these pants won't fall down when you're running, we promise!

Keep all your stuff safe and secure in the deep side pockets, they've been tested for phones, gels and even large bananas (great for a longer run).

Let your inner warrior out with these funky designs. 

Available in three different lengths:

Full length Fancy Pants have been designed for average height women, that is around 5'4" to 5'5"ish.

Shorter length Fancy Pants, around 3/4, finishing at about calf length. Keeping you a bit cooler in mild weather.

Shorts. Fancy Pants but shorter. These shorts are cut above the knee to help keep you cool on warm days, a deep pocket on each side and a high waist to keep all your contours in place.

Why just wear them for running?!