Fanny Annie stand at the National Running Show 2024

The National Running Show

Welcome to my first ever blog! I thought it would be a great opportunity to say a few words about The National Running Show 2024.

It was really brilliant to meet and chat with so many runners, kind of obvious when you're at a running show I know, but the sheer numbers of people talking to me about their running "journey" and sharing their stories with me was genuinely uplifting and inspiring.

I couldn't be happier that so many people loved what I'm doing; the idea of making something different, here in the Midlands, seems to be a concept a lot of you would love to support. 

I learned so much throughout my own personal journey to the show; from my original running pants designs to understanding the development and manufacturing processes involved in bringing a product to market has all been new and fascinating to me. I'm happy to admit that the build-up to the show was exhausting and somewhat stressful, however...the sheer joy at seeing women (and one man, John) in my running gear, was intoxicating!!

Over the next few days, weeks and months I will be doing my best to put all that learning and feedback into practice, including adding to my size range. 

I am popping more running leggings and running shorts onto my website, so grab an opportunity to get a something different and unique! You'll also find some running socks, technical t-shirts and headbands. 

Thanks to Rebecca and John for modelling their new running leggings. Rebecca kept hers on and could be seen around the show in them! John, I LOVE that you are enjoying running in your new "jeans"! You both look FABULOUS!

 A HUGE thanks for all your support, Marion xx

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